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Exhibit Catalog to the Morris County Historical Society's "Out of the Closet" Exhibition

Fun Stuff

Paintings and Drawings
Japanese Prints
Thank You
Fun Stuff

Coloring Book Pages
1. Click on picture
2. When the new window opens, go to FILE
3. Then click PRINT
3. Print your picture
4. Color it the way YOU want it!

Coloring Book 1

Coloring Book 2

Coloring Book 3

Interactive Crossword Puzzles
(difficulty rating: recommended for ages 13+)
1. Click on DOWNLOAD link below
2. Play your crossword game by clicking and filling in words
3. To come back to this page, click your browser's BACK button
4. To browse the catalog while you play, click here first to open a new tab/window:
Hint: Press "Solve" if you get stuck and need to see an answer!

Japanese Print Crossword Puzzle

General Art Crossword Puzzle

"Part of a Whole" Game
Can you figure out what piece of art each close-up picture comes from?
To start, click here!