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Exhibit Catalog to the Morris County Historical Society's "Out of the Closet" Exhibition

The Sycamores

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Edward Kranich

The Sycamores

Circa mid-19th century

Oil on canvas

31 1/2 x 22 3/4 in.




The Sycamores


The Sycamores was built in the early 1850s by John and Eliza Bonsall on Spring Valley Road. It is a lovely example of a Greek revival mansion and still stands today, although with the addition of side wings. The painting reflects the typical idealization of existing landscapes that was popular in 19th century American painting.




The Artist: Edward Kranich


Edward Kranich’s specialty was depicting landscape views and portraits of homesteads.  He also was a sign painter and house painter.  Kranich immigrated to the United States from Germany with his family around 1848-1850, a time of political and economic upheaval in central Europe.  The family settled in Elizabeth, Kranich married a Morristown woman named Vashti Collins, and the young couple moved here.  They are listed in the Morristown census of 1860.  Kranich had a studio in Washington Hall located by the Morristown green.  By 1868 he was listed in the Elizabeth city directory as an artist.